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Studio Classes

Studio Classes

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What separates us from traditional gyms is You! We are entirely focussed on getting our members the results they deserve.

From the people we hire, to our technology and integrated facilities, everything we do ensures that we create an environment where results are inevitable.

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13 Wallingford Street, Wantage, Oxfordshire, South East, OX12 8AU


Monday-Thursday – 6:00-21:00

Friday – 06:00–20:00

Sat & Sun – 08:00-17:00



Your membership includes:

  • Fitness Pursuit session
  • Comprehensive body analysis linking to our member smart phone app
  • Monthly programme reviews
  • Dedicated Fitness Coach including contact link through our member smart phone app
  • Quarterly Fitness Check-Ups
  • Online programme license
  • Myzone license

Hot Yoga

Using the Hatha Yoga methodology, our classes systemically stretch and strengthen muscles, increase circulation to vital organs and glands, stabilises the nervous system and improves concentration. This system of self-care brings vitality, health and relaxation to the body, peace to the mind and a smile to the face!

Personal Training

Our personal training options allow our members to fast track their results in a highly motivational environment. Changing exercise stimuli even more regularly, whilst being motivated and inspired by our Personal Trainers, see our members gaining results they previously thought impossible in super quick timeframes.

Small Group Training

In the same way Personal Training fast tracks results, small group training allows our members to do so whilst working alongside like-minded individuals. Whether training with a partner, colleague, friend or fellow member, Small Group Training is a fun, cost effective way of working in a highly motivational environment with a Personal Trainer.

Fitness Camp

Unlike other camps, The Fitness Space offers a solution where results are inevitable. Our camps run for a 4 week period using a proven, constantly varied structure, ensuring our camp member’s bodies are forever guessing. Starting and finishing with baseline data testing, including body stat analysis,our camps place the emphasis on our members to get the results they deserve from each camp.

DNA Testing

Our partnership with DNAFit allows us to truly unlock your exercise potential, through a non-evasive DNA sample collection and laboratory testing. Once we have our member’s results, we are able to cut out the guess work in understanding what exercise programme and nutritional plan their body will respond to best.

Health Mot

Our 14 point health MOT allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of our member’s current health and fitness status. The MOT includes complete body composition analysis, blood testing, urine testing, VO2 Max, lung function tests and much more. Once completed our fitness coaches will be able to programme with greater accuracy ensuring results are fast tracked.


MYZONE is a 100% accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams real time data and uploads exercise data stored to a member’s physical activity belt. It measures calories, heart rate and effort using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), designed to reward effort rather than fitness. Most importantly MYZONE is specifically designed to maximize the potential of each of our members.

At The Fitness Space we run Myzone monthly challenges, Myzone match classes and integrate with Myzone with our Personal Training sessions, ensuring everyone has the best information to achieve their goals.



The Fitness Discovery

Understanding you! To make our programming for you effective, it has to be sustainable. Understanding your likes, dislikes, health issues, timescales and much more, allows us to tailor a programme suited to your needs and lifestyle.




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